My name is Renee Moules and I would like to welcome you to my world of Airedale Terriers, I hope you will enjoy browsing through this site.


My first contact with anything remotely Airedale was living with Mitch in the 1970’s, he was a really unusual chap and created admiration and comment wherever he went. Bright, bright tan (all over) with a short harsh coat, 26” at the shoulder (where did THAT come from) long, lean head, dark almond eye, one with an eyebrow, one without, about half a dozen hairs below his jaw (none at the sides or top) which gave him a cute goatee beard, low ear carriage, long back, low set tail, undocked. He had inherited his wonderful temperament from his mother and inside he was all Airedale – there was no sign in his character of the yellow Labrador that had got his mum into so much trouble.


When Mitch died on New Years Eve 1982 a search was started for a ‘proper Airedale’ George was found and subsequently bought without any intention of joining the dog show fraternity with an Airedale. However a challenge was thrown out by George’s father’s owner when she said to me – “He should be shown but you’ll never learn the presentation, my dear” I hate being challenged and without knowing just how much work I was letting myself in for I picked up the gauntlet. George really wasn’t a good show Airedale but he was a showman, enjoying every minute and he helped me learn the game. I started to show him later in 1983, got two red ones at the first show and was totally hooked! He collected quite a few wins on the way at Open level and even managed to beat 500 other dogs for a Best in Show in 1985!!


Showing is my hobby and something I really enjoy, I bought Shadli Shanty in 1985 and then Shadli Mirage of Doraemi in 1986, she qualified for Crufts at her first show aged 6 months and this was in the days when only a first place was a qualifier. I bred my first litter in 1988 and have consistently shown Doraemi bred Airedales ever since.


I joined the National Airedale Terrier Association’ committee in the late ‘80’s and was their first rescue and rehoming officer, I became Honorary Assistant Secretary to the late (and great) Millie Tarplee in 1992 and was elected Hon. Secretary when Millie retired in 1994. I had 12 interesting and enjoyable years as Hon. Sec, but hung up my boots in 2006 – when a younger, more energetic Hon. Secretary took over. I was honoured to be given an Honorary Life Membership on my retirement.


I began judging in 1987 at Open Show level. I was passed to become a Championship Show judge by the Kennel Club in 2004 and I awarded Challenge Certificates in Airedales for the first time in 2005. I am the Judge elect for Airedale Terriers at Crufts 2020.


I breed only when I am looking for a new show dog and great care is taken when choosing a suitable stud dog. I have also been accepted by The Kennel Club as a member of their Assured Breeder Scheme. All my dogs are hip scored and I only use acceptable hip scored stud dogs. Because I am breeding for myself I do everything I possibly can to ensure the puppies are correctly bred and reared.


I try to keep in contact with my puppies and their owners and offer advice and help wherever I can. I am also available for advice from potential owners, if I don’t have a litter available I will try to put you in touch with a reputable breeder in your area.