Blossom is, and always has been a sweetie, her owners adore her but have always doubted her ability to protect them in a dodgy situation. Her owner phoned me absolutely thrilled to bits with the following story. The doorbell rang and as usual Blossom was put into the kitchen to avoid the embarrassment of her enthusiastic welcome to all and sundry who came to the house, she was used to this and normally settled in the kitchen quite happily. Her owner opened the door and let in a utility operative (I canít remember whether it was gas or electricity). Once inside Blossomís owner became suspicious and wished she hadnít let him in. Maybe her voice changed and Blossom realised something was wrong. For the first time ever Blossom broke out of the kitchen and Ďpersuadedí the  man to leave pretty quickly. Later in the day Blossomís owner heard that one of her neighbours had been badly beaten up and robbed by someone she had let into the house.