Photo by Mr E Stuart (Garland)

A dream come true…………….

Mister is a special dog in every way, he has a wonderful temperament, is so laid back and trusting and is a joy to live with, and he will be staying with me for the rest of his life. His favourite games include ‘scootering’ around with his upturned feed or water bowl and he has managed to ruin numerous steel bowls this way, playing with his frisbies and searching for items (usually treats) I have hidden.
He is proven at stud and is available to approved bitches.
(See the puppy page for some of his youngsters)
Below are some of his photos taken at shows, details of his wins and the judges’ critiques which I hope you will enjoy reading. 
11 Challenge Certificates
5 Reserve Challenge Certificates
4 Best Of Breed
2 Reserve Best In Show
1 Best Puppy In Show
3 Best In Show
Hip Score 5/6

DNA Profiled
Proven at stud
Owned in partnership with the late Anne Springthorpe (Elsaire)

Best Veteran in Show
at North Of England Airedale Terrier Club and Midland Counties Airedale Terrier Club Championship Shows 2008 -
many thanks to judges Mr J Riches and Mr A Shurvinton


RCC National Airedale Terrier Association 2006. Judge Mr J Riches

Photo  credited to Steph Holbrook.


CC Ladies Kennal Association Championship Show 2005. Judge Mrs J Averis (Saredon).




Challenge Certificate Driffield Agricultural Society Championship Show 2005. "Upstanding quality dog, super head, good length of neck, straight front, well laid back shoulders, short level back, good tailset and plenty behind, good spring of rib, nice bend of stifle".Judge Mr A Shurvinton (Shurcon)


Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed (down to last 8 in Terrier Group) East of England Agricultural Society Championship Show 2005. Judge: Mr D Scawthorn (Saredon)

Good length of head, sharp ears and expression, good reach of neck into well laid shoulders, good topline and tailset, strong quarters, moved well in front and plently of drive behind, well presented. Judge Mr D Scawthorne (Saredon).

Challenge Certificate

Windsor Championship Dog Show July 2005. Judge: Mr T Huxley (Robroyd)

Typical head and good expression, eye & mouth correct, strong muzzle. Elegant neck dropping into great shoulders. Clean front with good bone, deep chest and well ribbed, short loin with level top line, tail set bang on top with plenty behind. Well angulated, short hocks. All of which created a very nice outline, moved and showed well. Judge: Mr T Huxley (Robroyd)

photo E Stuart (Garland)


Best in Show

National Airedale Terrier Association Championship Show April 2005

Smart, upstanding male who made the most of himself to win the CC and B.I.S Superb expression with good bite, eye and ear carriage. Lovely reach of neck, firm, level topline. Straight front, well angulated for and aft. Powerful quarters, good bone and muscle tone. Shown in excellent condition and moved soundly.

JUDGE: Mrs B McCallum (Glentops)


 photo Gus Lee


Challenge Certificate

Ladies Kennel Association

Championship Show, December 2004

Mr M J Sarjeant (Jetstream)


Challenge Certificate and Reserve Best in Show
North of England Airedale Terrier Club Championship Show, October 2004 Upstanding stallion of a dog, excels in head, flat skull, good eye, super neck, well laid back shoulders, short level back, tail bang on top & plenty behind, good bend of stifle, nice cat feet, stood his ground and moved well. Judge Mrs B Shurvinton (Shurcon)

Challenge Certificate & Best of Breed
Driffield Agricultural Society Championship Show, October 2004
Impressive dog, long lean head, dark eye, excellent reach of neck, good shoulders,short back,good spring of rib, tail set on top, excellent hindquarters, lots of bone, good coat & colour, moved well with loads of presence. Judge Mrs B Frost (Ballintober)

photograph - Tony Shurvinton’(Shurcon)


Challenge Certificate

Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show

August 2004

Lovely long head, good expression, dark eye, good neck & shoulders, spring of rib, short back, good quarters, coat and colour, moved well: Judge Miss L D Graham (Stanstead)




Photograph by Ekaterina Senashenko                 Photograph Gus Lee

Challenge Certificate & Best of Breed

East Of England Agricultural Society Championship Show, July 2004

All male, showed well. Super head, dark eye, neat ears, good mouth, strong foreface, super reach of neck, shoulders well laid back, straight front, good bone, short coupled, good spring of rib and depth of chest. In good condition, tail on top, plenty behind, well angulated, moved well: Judge Mrs J Huxley (Robroyd)

Reserve Challenge Certificate & 1st Limit Dog

Crufts, March 2004  -

Eye-catching male with good head, eye, ear carriage. Keen alert expression, straight front, good shoulder placement, good reach of neck merging into short level back, well angulated, firm muscle tone, good feet, nicely constructed. In good order, moved soundly : Judge Mrs B McCallum (Glentops)

Best In Show
Midland Counties Airedale Terrier Club Open Show, February 2004
Good mover and size, hard muscled body, solid as a rock, long head and neck, correct shoulder placement, level topline, good tailset, well angulated. Walked into the ring and said “I’m it” who was I to argue? : Judge Mrs M Lomax (Amritsar)

‘At home the day after the show’


Reserve Challenge Certificate
South of England Airedale Terrier Club,
December 2003
Lovely long head and neck, good topline,
movement good, excellent presentation:
Judge Mr P Hanks (Perrancourt

Reserve Challenge Certificate
Darlington Dog Show Society Championship Show, September 2003
Long lean head, dark eye, correct ear placement, keen expression, reachy neck, good body with plenty of substance, level topline, good well laid shoulders and front. Very strong quarters, moved very well: Judge Mrs E Graham (Stanstead)

Best In Show
National Airedale Terrier Association September 2003
The best of heads I have seen for a long time, well balanced body & good topline that stayed steady on the move, front and hind movement completed the picture of a true Airedale: Judge Mrs S Seabridge ( )

Reserve Challenge Certificate
Leeds Championship Show, July 2003
Extremely attractive, in good form, long lean head, good ears, nice neck, well placed shoulders, great tailset, good quarters. Given the chance could be a future Champion: Judge Mr M Marshall

photograph Gus Lee


Challenge Certificate
Reserve Best In Show
(aged 19 months)
Midland Counties Airedale Terrier Club, November 2002
Caught my eye immediately, well balanced and all male, stood impeccably for his handler and moved well with a stylish drive and without putting a foot wrong. Easily won his class and in the challenge my eye kept returning to this dog, not to be denied CC: Judge Mr K McCallum (Glentops)

photograph: Steph Holbrook


Best Puppy Dog
National Airedale Terrier Association ,
April 2002
Good quality Puppy, long head, lovely neck, good shoulders, level back, good tailset, harsh coat: Judge Mrs B Shurvinton (Shurcon)

Best Puppy In Show ( aged 8 months)
South Of England Airedale Terrier Club, December 2001
Elegant puppy, good length of head, keen dark eye, good expression, coat in excellent condition, moved soundly: Judge Mr J Riches (McKerros)

Doraemi Mister Sandman at 8 weeks old.

Mister is so proud of his sons - Champion Jodean Pied Piper and Irish Champion Jonvias The Ringmaster at Mynight and of his daughter- Irish Champion Jonvias Poetry In Motion At Mynight


Photo  credited to Steph Holbrook.